A Note to Local Residents Along the Parade Route:

 Accessibility to the neighbourhoods south of the Lakeshore are always constantly available throughout the entire parade.  Individuals who live or wish to visit residences on First St. to Thirteenth St., have access via First St. (along Morrison St).  Those that live or wish to visit Twenty Third St. and west of this can access Lakeshore via Thirty Sixth St. (along Lake Promenade).   

One of Canada's Largest Community Parades

Etobicoke Lake Shore Santa Claus Parade

Now in it's 28th year, the Lakeshore Santa Claus Parade is enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year.  The best part (after seeing Santa of course), is the opportunity to skate with him!   The parade starts at 10am and runs along Lakeshore Blvd West between Dwight Street and 37th St. If viewing past Islington the start time is closer to 10:15 am. Or Kipling 10:30am

Come celebrate the joy of Christmas, the thrill of a Santa sighting and the history of the Etobicoke Lakeshore Santa Claus Parade.

Volunteers Needed!

The Etobicoke Lake Shore Santa Claus Parade is 100% Volunteer Driven! 

If you love being involved in community events we would love to meet you. Volunteer needs range from parade preparation to being part of our parade cast.

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